Review and Challenges of Future Technologies in Spectrum Management over Cognitive Radio Network


  • Sanjay Kumar Khadagade Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering , Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, India



Cognitive Radio, Wireless, Communication.


Cognitive radio is generally expected to be cutting edge in remote correspondences. Range administrative Boards of trustees in numerous nations have been finding a way to make the way for dynamic range get to utilizing this innovation and furthermore setting out the guidelines for its implementation. Global associations have likewise been taking a stab at normalizing and harmonization this tech-nology for different applications. This paper outlines meaning of Cognitive radio frameworks and portrays the condition of workmanship in the administrative and normalization activi-ties on cognitive radio everywhere throughout the world, which are esteemed to have essential impact on the eventual fate of remote interchanges. Cognitive radio ideas can be applied to an assortment of remote correspondences sce-narios, a couple of which are portrayed in this paper. At long last, in view of led overview through the specialized and administrative examination, a reliable end is given.


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