A Study on Female and Sports Condition in India


  • Habeeb Husan


Sports women in India, status of women, Indian women. Media coverage


This article proposes to examine the situation of woman sports status in India. We need sportswomen of generation to achieve the reigns and encourage the coming generations. This new role made women, visible in the social space which enabled women to put down into the field of sports as well. By appearing at the institutional and other realms of sports in India the paper explains how the gendered practice of sports marginalizes women in multiple ways. Our society has to make towards a massive cultural reform where we hold a sound work ethic. Until that is done Indian women will be just giving way after a mirage, not medals, in international sporting events. Although the most welcome gains in opportunities and an ever growing publicity of women's sports, the effects of a long traditionally gender bias in sports still persist. It in the public space or in the private space women have been sounding off about the lack of coverage for sport by media since a very long time. This has made a real bad effect on the development of mutant. (1*) Media support and fan loyalty are also much more common in male sports than women. The article tried to explore this ambivalent attitude of Indian sporting women. Olympics: Indian team also female included and we are hop full to achieve a medal for India.


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