Study about Power Filters in Power System Quality and Stability Enhancement


  • Rajesh Raghuvanshi M.Tech Scholar, TRUBA College of Science and Technology, Bhopal (MP), India
  • Mithlesh Gautam Assistant Professor, TRUBA College of Science and Technology, Bhopal (MP), India



VFD, harmonic function, active pass filter, power quality.


The excessive power electronics devices in the distribution systems have evolved the problem of power quality. Arc Furnaces, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), Computer power supplies play a major role in the deterioration in the quality power by injecting harmonics in the utility supply source. Extensive use of non-linear loads leads to a multitude of unwanted harmonics in the operation of the electrical system. Of these, the harmonics of current and voltage are the most significant. in this paper presented is the power quality and the Shunt Active Power Filter and the description of the Harmonics and Its Effects.


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