Survey on Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Advancements in the Micro Grid Energy System


  • Salman Ahmed Khan M. Tech, Corporate Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, (M.P), India
  • Prof. Sanjeev Jarariya H.O.D Electrical Department, Corporate Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, (M.P), India


BESS, Microgrid, Modular Multilevel Converter, Control Strategies.


Recent works have highlighted the growth of the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the electrical system. In the scenario of high penetration of renewable energies in distributed generation, BESS plays a key role in efforts to combine sustainable power with reliable distributed load. Different converter topologies can be used to connect BESS to the network. There is no defined and standardized solution, especially for medium voltage applications. This paper introduced the BESS control strategies and the microarray control system. Reactive power compensation and related techniques based on artificial intelligence (AI) are also discussed.


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