Study of Distributed Controlling Techniques in Micro Grids


  • Prem Kumar Das M. Tech Scholar, IES College of Technology, Bhopal ,(M.P.), India
  • Jyoti Bansal Asst. Professor, IES College of Technology, Bhopal, (M.P.), India


DC, microgrid, PV, AC.


: Microgrids are moving from laboratory benches and pilot demonstration sites to commercial markets thanks to technological improvements, lower costs, proven track record and growing recognition of their benefits. They are used to improve the reliability and resilience of power grids, manage the addition of distributed clean energy resources such as wind and solar photovoltaic (PV), reduce fossil fuel emissions, and provide power in areas not supported by a centralized electrical system. The infrastructure is provided. This article presents the control techniques for DC micro-network, distributed control, and description of micro-grid systems.


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