Enthusiasm and Technology in Sports


  • Mr.Sawan Chourey


Diligence, hard work and devotion of day and night is the foremost requirement to be a successful sportsman in any sport.  Continuous practice plays the most important role in achieving the preset goals.  There are so many players in the world who have shown their unprecedented mental and physical power and strength in achieving unbelievable goals and achievements.  These extraordinary performers have won many awards and accolades and brightened the name of their country.  Lionel Andres Messi, who is a soccer player of Argentina, broke many records of football and brought numerous awards to his name.  The same way, Tiger Woods from America is the most successful golfer in the world.  Usain Bolt is an athlete and a runner who also created history in running events in different category and surprised the whole world with his unmatchable and untiring running strength without injuring any muscles of his body.   He has broken all old records and set new world records in 100 meter and 200 meter world events.




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