Design and Development of Sports Intimate Apparel - A Review


  • V. Parthasarathi,T. Raaja Priya ,S. Sivaranjani, A. Dhivya


sports brassiere, brassiere fit, straps slippage, breast discomfort


It is necessary to evaluate and analyze the brassiere design problems to alleviate the
problems in terms of fit, support, elastics and fastening. With an aim to achieve a perfect
brassiere, designers have a strong drive to develop a super quality brassiere with high
performance and proper usage of components and materials. The encapsulation brassiere was
more effective than compression brassiere in controlling breast displacement. The main
problems were shoulder straps digging into the shoulder and shoulder straps slipping off the
shoulder. There are several design flaws associated with these sports brassiere which lead to
discomfort, pain and swelling of the breasts. Tightness around the chest may also cause beast
soreness. The straps are often very thin and cut into the shoulders of women. The most
effective brassiere had a unique inverted-u shape bounded seam over the upper and side
boundaries of the cups with a wide cross-back design. Wicking materials are used in this type
of brassieres to give comfort and breast supporting pads having pad components to give
adequate support. The inner layer consists of silicone material which can increase the
adherence capacity due to its high coefficient of friction. This review paper contains details
about the design and development of sports brassiere.


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