A Survey: Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Cloud


  • Aayushi Priya Department of CSE
  • Rajeev Tiwari Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya Bhopal , India




Cloud computing is an enormous area which shares huge amount of data over cloud services and it has been increasing with its on-demand technology. Since, with these versatile cloud services, when the delicate data stored within the cloud storage servers, there are some difficulties which has to be managed like its Security Issues, Data Privacy, Data Confidentiality, Data Sharing and its integrity over the cloud servers dynamically. Also, the authenticity and data access control should be maintained in this wide environment. Thus, Attribute based Encryption (ABE) is a significant version of cryptographic technique in the cloud computing environment. Public Key Encryption acts as the basic technique for ABE where it provides one to many encryptions, here, the private key of users & the cipher-text both rely on attributes such that, when the set of the attributes of users key matches set of attributes of cipher-text with its corresponding access policy, only then decryption is possible. Thus, an opponent could grant access to the sensitive information that holds multiple keys, if it has at least one individual key for accession. The techniques based on ABE consist of two types: KP-ABE (Key- Policy ABE) where the user’s private key is linked to an access structure (or access policy) over attributes and cipher-text is connected to the set of attributes, and CP-ABE (cipher-text policy ABE) is vice versa. Hence, in this, Review we discuss about the various security techniques and relations based on Attributes Based Encryption, especially, the type KP-ABE over data attributes which explains secured methods & its schemes related to time specifications. 




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Priya, A., & Tiwari, R. (2018). A Survey: Attribute Based Encryption for Secure Cloud. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSTHE, 5(3), 12. https://doi.org/10.24113/ojssports.v5i3.70