Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review using Machine Learning Approach


  • Rajul Rai M.Tech Scholar, Department of CSE TIT, BHOPAL
  • Pradeep Mewada Professor, Department of CSETIT, BHOPAL, India



With development of Internet and Natural Language processing, use of regional languages is also grown for communication. Sentiment analysis is natural language processing task that extracts useful information from various data forms such as reviews and categorize them on basis of polarity. One of the sub-domain of opinion mining is sentiment analysis which is basically focused on the extraction of emotions and opinions of the people towards a particular topic from textual data. In this paper, sentiment analysis is performed on IMDB movie review database. We examine the sentiment expression to classify the polarity of the movie review on a scale of negative to positive and perform feature extraction and ranking and use these features to train our multilevel classifier to classify the movie review into its correct label. In this paper classification of movie reviews into positive and negative classes with the help of machine learning. Proposed approach using classification techniques has the best accuracy of about 99%.




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Rai, R., & Mewada, P. (2017). Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review using Machine Learning Approach. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSTHE, 5(1), 10.