A Review on Speech Emotion Recognition


  • Nomaan Khan M.Tech Scholar TIT, Bhopal


Emotion recognition from Audio signal Recognition is a recent research topic in the Human Computer Interaction. The demand has risen for increasing communication interface between humans and digital media. Many researchers are working in order to improve their accuracy. But still there is lack of complete system which can recognize emotions from speech. In order to make the human and digital machine interaction more natural, the computer should able to recognize emotional states in the same way as human. The efficiency of emotion recognition system depends on type of features extracted and classifier used for detection of emotions. There are some fundamental emotions such as: Happy, Angry, Sad, Depressed, Bored, Anxiety, Fear and Nervous. These signals were preprocessed and analyzed using various techniques. In feature extraction various parameters used to form a feature vector are: fundamental frequency, pitch contour, formants, duration (pause length ratio) etc. These features are further classified into different emotions. This research work is the study of speech emotion classification addressing three important aspects of the design of a speech emotion recognition system. The first one is the choice of suitable features for speech representation. The second issue is the design of an appropriate classification scheme and the third issue is the proper preparation of an emotional speech database for evaluating system performance


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