A Study on Bandwidth-Aware Routing Protocol based on SIC


  • Santosh Verma M.Tech Scholar Department of CSE TIT, Bhopal




Wireless Sensor Networks has a greater advantage in today‘s communication application such as environmental, traffic, military, health monitoring. In such smart environments, people with smart devices (nodes) can freely self-organize and form self-configuring ad-hoc network to send and forward data packets to a destination over multiple hops via intermediate nodes. To achieve these applications it is necessary to have a reliable routing protocol. The main motivation of this paper is to review various routing schemes in ad-hoc network that have recently been proposed to enhance throughput when transmitting and receiving packets during active communication. The review also focuses on the design of SIC routing protocol aiming at achieving high overall throughput compared to that of the hop count routing. In addition, the performance evaluation metrics are also discussed.




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Verma, S. (2016). A Study on Bandwidth-Aware Routing Protocol based on SIC. SMART MOVES JOURNAL IJOSTHE, 3(4), 4. https://doi.org/10.24113/ojssports.v3i4.85