A Flamboyant Fighter – Yuvraj Singh


  • Rajeev Tiwari Barkatullah University Bhopal, India




Yuvraj Singh, a famous name in the world of cricket.  He is such a kind of person and a sportsman who does not require introduction.  Cricket fans see him as a stylish player who hits the ball with brutality, but there is a soft-hearted, gentle person somewhere deep inside.  One of his childhood neighboring friend was my colleague at that time.  After 20 years down the line he is my closest friend. From him only, I come to know about Yuvaj and his life.  According to him, Yuvi is a great friend and a nice human being. Great friend, because he is the one who takes initiative to collect all the yesteryear friends and meet at one place and nostalgic time together. Nice human being, because he participates in many charitable events charging no money. He also runs a charity foundation, which provides aid and economic support who are fighting life-threatening diseases, mainly cancer.




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