Power Compensation Methodologies in Solar Based System: A Survey


  • Vishnu Kumar Patidar ,Mr. Anurag Khare


Cascaded multilevel converter structure can be appealing for high-power solar photovoltaic (PV) systems thanks to its modularity, scalability, and distributed maximum power point tracking (MPPT). However, the power mismatch from cascaded individual PV converter modules can bring in voltage and system operation issues. This paper addresses these issues, explores the effects of reactive power compensation and optimization on system reliability and power quality, and proposes coordinated active and reactive power distribution to mitigate this issue. A vector method is first developed to illustrate the principle of power distribution. Accordingly, the relationship between power and voltage is analyzed with a wide operation range. Furthermore, a comprehensive control system with the RPCA can be designed to achieve effective power distribution and dynamic voltage regulation.




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