Enhancement of collector efficiency of solar chimney power plant: A Review


  • Pratima Patel Manish Sharma Rajnees Kumar Gedam M. tech Scholar Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. RKDF college RKDF college RKDF college Email id-pratima.rewa@gmail.com Email.id- manish8458@gmail.com Email id- Rajneesh.gedam@gmail.com


Present work provides a general literature view of solar chimney power plant which operates on principle of conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. The heat radiation from sun is used to heat up the air and this heated air is produce upward draft which pass through a chimney which rotates the turbine. The turbine is used to drive the rotor of an AC alternator and generate the electricity. The main objective of the present work to study about solar chimney power plant. The present review includes various factors related with solar chimney power plant, plant efficiency, collector efficiency effect of solar radiations on solar chimney and its optimization designs and other parameters that can affect operational performance of solar chimney power plant, also included various experiential, mathematical and computational models.




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